Student Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need for my college dorm room?

How can concentration time be increased?

What bathroom items do I need for life in the dorm?

How should I prepare for the SAT?

What kind of bedding do I need for my dorm room?

Where can I find college scholarships?

Where should I go to find out about special opportunities?

What can I do this summer?

I am a high school student. What can I do this summer vacation?

Should scholarship applications be typed?

How can I find out about special off campus opportunities?

What kind of notebook should I use for my different classes?

What can I do to make traveling more fun?

What can I do if required to complete boring assignments.

How can I decide what career Iīd like to pursue?

How can I find more time in my day?

How can I quickly find what I am looking for on a web site?

What will I need to help keep my room and clothes clean?

How can I navigate a new site more quickly?

How can I increase my concentration time when studying?

Should I pay for a scholarship search?

What kitchen items do I need for dorm living?

Where should you place your backpack?

How can you focus on what is important?

How can homework be more enjoyable?

What should I do if I need help with an assignment?

How can I improve my vocabulary?

How do I prepare for the college interview?

How should you study for a test?

How can I break up my study time?

How can you make the first day of school less nerve-wracking?

Who can I call when I need help with my homework?

When is a good study time?

How can I improve my grade in social studies?

Where can I find online scholarship listings?

Can students apply for scholarships online?

Are there scholarships available only to students in my state?

How do I know what clothes to take to college?

How can I make my college application look better?

How can you improve your reading comprehension?

What should you put on the family calendar?

How can I improve my grades?

Do you have any tips for good writing?

How can I organize my college information packets?

Should you hurry through your homework?

How can you avoid last minute emergencies?

What can I do to help me reach my goals?

Should you ask a teacher for contact information?

When is my essay done?

Do I need a phone for my dorm room?

How can you make your time more productive?

How can I make my application stand out in the crowd?

How can I improve my class participation?

What can I do to help me decide on a career?

How do I know if a career is right for me?

How can I keep my notebook and textbooks together?

What supplies should you keep in your study area?

When should you ask a question?

How can you increase your motivation?

Is it important to learn to type?

How can we organize our family calendar?

How can I improve my scores on the ACT and SAT?

What type of lists should you keep?

What could make studying and test taking easier?

Do you have any tips on writing research papers?

What can you do to avoid distractions?

When is a good time to make campus visits?

How can you save time in the morning?

How can you be more effective on tests?

How can you save a little time during the week?

Where is a good place for the family calendar?

How should we break up the family calendar?

I am a slow reader. How can I get all of my readings done for class?

What is the best way to read assigned literature?

Is it better to make a paper or online application to college?

Can I apply to college online?

Should I take breaks when I study?

Where to study?

How can I improve my grades in class discussions?

What games could I do while traveling?

How can I made myself do those chores I hate?

What dates should you put on your family calendar?

How often should you check your weekly calendar?

How can I know whatīs new at my school?

How can I enjoy my summer when I am worring about my fall schedule?

What kind of organizer is right for me?

Where should you place your homework when you are done?

Why do teachers give homework?

Why should we have a family calendar?

How can I improve my essays or research papers.

How can I improve my essays or research papers?

How can I organize my college search materials?

What can I do in the summer to get ready for school?

How can I keep track of interesting web sites?

How can you limit the materials you foget for school?

When should you log in assignments?

Is getting good rest important?

What kind of resources should I use in research?

Is it OK to contact a teacher outside of class about homework ?

What can you use to organize large quantities of research?

How can you avoid shuffling through loose handouts?

What is the best way to approach a long term project?

When and where should you study for a test?

How are students selected to participate in leadership opportunities?

My Favorites list is so long I canīt find anything. What can I do?

How can I know more about the activities at my school?

What can I do to help my writing skills?

How can a long term project be broken up?

How can I accomplish more during my study time?

How can you focus more attention on your work?

Should you share the goals that you have set?

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