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What can I do to make traveling more fun?

Where Am I?--Get a Map.

Get a map to follow your progress on the trip. It is fun to track your path along the highways and the map gives you a better idea of where you are and when you will reach your destination. You might even locate an interesting place to take your next rest stop. Information centers are great places to get new maps and other literature about the areas you plan to visit. The brochures you find make nifty additions to your travel scrapbook.

What can I do to make traveling more fun?

Travel Journal

Keep a journal of your travels. You will sharpen your awareness of your surroundings and your writing skills. Reading your journal will bring back vivid memories of your vacation, which can often be used in essay assignments or just to help you relive that special time.

What can I do this summer?

Travel Games

Many travel hours can be spent playing group games, which require no paper. In the “I'm going on a trip and I'm taking…..” game the first person names an item beginning with A. The second person repeats the “I'm going on a trip and I'm taking” listing the A item and adding an item beginning with the letter B. Eventually, you will make it through the whole alphabet and have 26 items in the “suitcase.” This game taxes your brain and leads to lots of laughter.

What can I do to help me reach my goals?


Post motivational quotes or pictures where you will be able to see them frequently during your day.

How do I prepare for the college interview?

The College Interview

An interview is mainly a conversation. The interviewer is interested in you as a prospective student and the way in which you respond to the questions, not in asking trick questions. Most questions will be the easy common ones concerning why you want to go to that institution, what your goals are, and your interests. Often there is a reflective question such as "What was your research paper in senior English and what did you discover through the project?" Be relaxed and confident. Follow the same steps you would for the night before a big test: get plenty of rest, have everything you need laid out and ready to the night before, give yourself plenty of time to get to the appointment. A smile and good eye contact will help you make a good impression.

How can I make my college application look better?

Making Your Scholarship Application Appealing

Although many national scholarship applications processes do not allow any “window dressing” on their applications, local scholarship committees are often impressed and influenced by applications that have a special look. You might design a cover sheet for your scholarship application, which includes the name of the scholarship, your name, the date and a color photograph of you. Place the entire application in a clear presentation folder or notebook. Your extra effort will not go unnoticed.

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