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Can students apply for scholarships online?

Check Your State's Scholarships

Most states have scholarships, which are available only to residents of that particular state. This information is usually available through the high school counseling center, but can also be accessed through your state government's web pages. From the state's main page you need to find their department of elementary and secondary education.

How can I make my college application look better?

Neat Scholarship or College Applications

Before completing a scholarship application make copies of the form. Use your sloppy copies to record the information you will need before transferring it to the official application. Your final product will reflect your extra effort.

Where can I find online scholarship listings?

Apply Online

Many colleges not only allow, but encourage online applications. Go to the web site for the college of your choice and visit the page for the admissions office.

Where can I find college scholarships?

Online Scholarship Searches

Use free online services to find scholarships. Many services start with a comprehensive survey. It is advisable to have a parent available to answer your questions when you are completing the parent section. Links to these sites are listed in the Links section of .

What do I need for my college dorm room?

Dorm Living: Bathroom Items

You will need all of the toiletries you normally use at home. Add shower shoes and a bathroom caddy and you will be set for the communal type bathroom. If you have a private bathroom, you may need to bring your own shower curtain. Since your towels will be hanging in your room, coordinate them with your bedding. Be aware that extra fluffy towels can be difficult to dry and use lots of quarters on laundry day. Collect common items such as a thermometer, aspirin, band-aids, and cold remedies to make your personal medicine cabinet.

What do I need for my college dorm room?

Organizing for Dorm Living

When organizing for your move from home to the dormitory make a checklist of what you need. Communicate with your roommate to keep from duplicating larger items. Lable your belonging with your name and make a list of serial numbers on electronic devices. Check items off when they are packed to go to school and again when you pack to move out of your dorm.

What do I need for my college dorm room?

Dorm Living: Cleaning Supplies

Not only will you need laundry supplies such detergent, bleach and softener, but you will need a laundry basket, hangers, and a roll of quarters. For cleaning your dorm room you will need paper towels and glass and surface cleaners. Mops, brooms, and vacuums are often available for check out in the dorm, but you might want your own small hand broom and dustpan.

How can I organize my college information packets?

Organizing College Information

Prepare for the barrage of college information packets you will receive during your junior and senior years of high school. A cardboard box or plastic crate will help you organize your file folders for each school that looks like a possibility. Arrange the schools alphabetically for easy retrieval. Keep another box handy for those schools that you eliminate. You may want to reevaluate them later.

What do I need for my college dorm room?

Dorm Living: Odds and Ends

Plastic totes that fit under the bed are handy for storing items that don't fit in your closet or chest of drawers.
An over the door clothes hangar will expand your hanging capabilities.
Posters and family pictures dress up your room.
A tool kit complete with duct tape, screwdriver and hammer helps solve many problems.
Many dorms allow students to free up precious floor space by building lofts for their beds. The housing office often supplies the directions or the sets may be purchased from upper classmen as they move out of the dorm.

How do I prepare for the college interview?

The College Interview

An interview is mainly a conversation. The interviewer is interested in you as a prospective student and the way in which you respond to the questions, not in asking trick questions. Most questions will be the easy common ones concerning why you want to go to that institution, what your goals are, and your interests. Often there is a reflective question such as "What was your research paper in senior English and what did you discover through the project?" Be relaxed and confident. Follow the same steps you would for the night before a big test: get plenty of rest, have everything you need laid out and ready to the night before, give yourself plenty of time to get to the appointment. A smile and good eye contact will help you make a good impression.

How can I organize my college information packets?

Make Notes on Your College File Folders

Avoid having to reread entire college packets to relocate important information. Make notes on the outside of each file folder of high priority information such as application and scholarship deadlines and tuition costs for that school. After you have narrowed your schools of interest it will be easy to transfer this information to a chart.

How can I make my college application look better?

Making Your Scholarship Application Appealing

Although many national scholarship applications processes do not allow any “window dressing” on their applications, local scholarship committees are often impressed and influenced by applications that have a special look. You might design a cover sheet for your scholarship application, which includes the name of the scholarship, your name, the date and a color photograph of you. Place the entire application in a clear presentation folder or notebook. Your extra effort will not go unnoticed.

What do I need for my college dorm room?

Dorm Living: Electronics

Most dorm rooms provide phone service and the phone jack, but you will need to provide the phone. Personal computers are very helpful, but most campuses have computer labs within or near the dorms for student use. If you bring your stereo system or TV, be a good neighbor and also bring your headphones. Other helpful items include extension cords, surge protectors, electric strips, alarm clock, and calculator.

What do I need for my college dorm room?

Dorm Living: Clothes

Dorm closets are notoriously small. Take only the clothes you like to wear. (If you don't like it you won't wear it.) Casual wear will be appropriate for classes and most college activities. If you will be able to go home occasionally, pack for one season and switch out clothes for the next season when you go home. You can span any seasonal gap by layering clothes. Remember your rain gear. Bring a small sewing kit for sewing on buttons or making repairs. Check with your dorm about communal irons and ironing boards. If they are not available you will need an iron. Your bed or a sleeve board can take the place of a full sized ironing board.

What do I need for my college dorm room?

Dorm Living: Bedding

Most dorms have extra-long twin sized beds. For the best fit get the extra-long twin sheets. (Full sized sheets will work, but take extra time and effort to stay neat.) You will also need your personal pillows and covers. Find a bed ensemble that you like and decorate your room around it. You will spend a lot of time in your dorm room, make it comfortable and visually inviting.

How should I prepare for the SAT?

Preparing for the SAT

Do at least three practice tests before taking the SAT. The other ways to prepare are books, classes and computer software. The one you choose depends on your study habits and cash reserves.

What do I need for my college dorm room?

Dorm Living: Kitchen supplies

Essentials for your dorm room kitchen include: silverware, plates, glasses, bowls, paring knife and a can opener. Then you need something to heat water, such as an immersion heater, a coffee pot or microwave oven. Your grocery list will depend upon your cooking and storage capabilities. Many dorm dwellers are opting to have a personal refrigerator. Check with your roommate before investing in a ‘fridge or microwave to avoid duplication. Even the most basic pantry will include dry soups and drinks, which can be mixed with hot water to make a meal.

Should scholarship applications be typed?

Scholarship Applications

All scholarship applications should be done neatly in black ink. They are even more impressive to the selection committee if they are typed. New software programs allow scholarship applications to be scanned then completed on the computer.

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